Tips for Buying Clothing Online

Sometimes, it’s not easy to get out to the stores to shop for clothes or you just see an ad online for something that looks really cute. However, it pays to do some due diligence before you hit that “buy” button and purchase clothing online.

Look for Reviews of the Store

Some of the online apparel shopping sites lure people in with amazing pictures of beautiful clothes and rock-bottom prices. The problem is, these stores don’t always deliver what they promise. The product shipped may be very different from the pictures shown. Reading reviews of the website will help avoid this problem.

Make Sure You’re Getting the Right Size

Yes, you may think you are a certain size, but when it comes to different brands of clothes, especially those sold online, you may not be the size you expect. Take your measurements and check the descriptions of the sizes to verify you’re choosing the right one. Looking at customer reviews can also help you determine if an item’s sizing tends to run larger or smaller than average and help you choose the right size.

Check the Return Policy

Return policies can vary greatly. The best return policies involve sending the item back with a prepaid shipping label for pretty much any reason, but others may only allow this under certain circumstances, such as the item arriving damaged. The return shipping fee can sometimes be as much or more than what you paid for the item. You may find by reading reviews that a company’s customer service team is less than responsive, and it may be difficult to even arrange a return.

Don’t Forget to Look for Coupon Codes

Always do a quick search for coupon codes for the store, as this could result in significant savings. These aren’t always available, but it only takes a couple minutes to check into.

Check the Shipping Fees

Some companies offer free shipping, but others have somewhat hefty shipping fees. It may be possible to get free shipping if you spend a minimum amount, or you may be better off looking for what you want from another retailer to reduce shipping costs.

Taking these few tips into consideration will make shopping for clothes online a bit less risky for your wallet. You can find some really great options if you know where and how to look.

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