Fat Loss with GW-501516 Explained

You were consuming more calories than your body required, you were probably indulging in a higher amount of good tasting but higher calorie foods, and you probably weren’t exercising on a consistent basis either, that’s how people get out of shape to begin with.

So this idea of GW-501516 is that someone is going to get out of shape through overeating and through under exercising but then getting back into shape is gonna be this easy, effortless process that’s just not realistic, it’s not how things actually work in the real world. If you’ve allowed yourself to go too far in one direction through what you might call comfortable habits then if you want to pull yourself back in the opposite direction it’s going to involve some discomfort.

There’s a certain price that has to be paid to undo the damage, so to speak. And if that wasn’t true then everyone out there would have a lean and impressive bodyand everyone who started out on a fat loss program would see it all the way through tothe end, which is obviously not the case. Now again, the degree of hunger that’s involved during a cutting phase is gonna vary fromperson to person.

It depends on your current body fat percentage, it depends on how lean you’re ultimately trying to get, and it depends on the size of the deficit that you’re using and whether you’d rather lose fat more slowly with a smaller deficit but be less hungry throughout the process or just tough it out with a bigger deficit in order to lose fat faster.

It definitely shouldn’t be your goal to make yourself hungry and you might feel completely fine during the initial stages of your cut but as time goes on and as you get leaner and leaner your body will make certain hormonal adjustments and those cravings will start to kick in more strongly. Now eventually, once you’ve dropped your desired amount of body fat and you’re able to raise your calories back up and go back to eating at maintenance then the hunger will subside,hormone levels will rebalance, and you’ll go back to feeling normal again. This isn’t a permanent thing but it’s just something you’ll have to deal with throughout the actual fat burning process.

And this is why having a properly structured plan is so important because what you need to do is stack the odds as much in your favor as possible and get your appetite as under control as you can. Now, these are things I’ve talked about before but I’ll just give you some quick tips here before I close the video out, number one and probably the most important is to work on maximizing your total food volume relative to the number of calories. So you want to focus on eating a mostly whole food, minimally processed diet, and base it around foods that are as non calorie dense as possible.

And increasing your vegetable intake is a great way to do this. That’s going to allow you to physically fill yourself up as much as possible while still staying within your caloric limits, and drinking plenty of water throughout the day can also help you fill yourself up a bit more on top of that as well.

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